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NYSSCPA 2018 EFJ Awards

2018 EFJ Award Winners

  • Audio (Small Media): Jack Sweeney, host and creator of The CFO Thought Leader, wins for two episodes from The CFO Thought Leader podcast featuring Hubspot CFO, John Kinzer and a panel featuring five CFOs discussing their top metrics used to demonstrate the effectiveness of achieving major business objectives.
  • Audio (Medium/Large Media)The Wall Street Journal’s “The Future of Everything,” podcast produced an episode called, “In Bitcoin We trust?” that explored the cryptocurrency we know as Bitcoin and what caused the rise of this invention, how it works and its future. In the segment, they speak to crypto experts such as Paul Vigna, allowing listeners to learn how cryptocurrency will not only change the way we view technology, but also how it could possibly affect politics and institutions in the future.
  • Enterprise Reporting: The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, The New York TimesThe Guardian, and other media partners, “The Paradise Papers.” Following a leak of secret documents from 21 sources, more than 90 media partners investigated and exposed hidden dealings of corporate giants such as Apple and Nike as well as secret deals made by tax-evading criminals and prominent politicians and their supporters.  The investigation and exposure caused governments and corporations all over the world to open tax investigations.
  • General Reporting: Michael Grabell and Howard Berkes, ProPublica, for “Sold for Parts.” Grabel focuses on a chicken processing plant know as Case Farms, and its work practices, taking advantage of underage and undocumented immigrants, illegally hiring them to work in dangerous conditions and firing them if they protested or were injured on the job. Following this exposure, Grabel partnered with Berkes from NPR to analyze 14 years of Florida insurance data to expose how employers and insurance companies were using a state law to get out of paying workers compensation benefits to injured, undocumented immigrants.
  • InfographicBloomberg News’ Matt Townsend, Jenny Surane, Emma Orr and Christopher Cannon, for, “America’s ‘Retail Apocalypse’ Is Really Just the Beginning.” Through many interactive data visualizations the Bloomberg News team illustrates the high amount of debt that retail companies own and how it affects the retail industry and the future of the economy. 
  • Local and Public Service Reporting: Jason Grotto, Ray Long and Sandhya Kambhampati from ProPublica Illinois and the Chicago Tribune, for their four-part series exposing Cook County’s unfair property tax assessment system in, “The Tax Divide.” For two years, Grotto and his team studied the system, analyzing more than 100 million digital records and interviewing dozens of experts, attorneys and property owners. They found errors and discrepancies in tax assessments that punished poor home owners and small businesses in Chicago while giving the wealthy unsanctioned tax breaks and lining the pockets of politically connected tax attorneys.
  • Opinion: Thomas LeeSan Francisco Chronicle, for a series of opinion pieces focusing on the Wells Fargo sales fraud scandal that broke in 2017. The series included an analysis of the bank’s leadership team, its cross marketing strategies and how these unethical practices began well before 2017, dating back to 1998, when it merged with Norwest.
  • Video (Large): The Weather Channel Digital and InsideClimate News teamed up for, “Killing Clean: The Playbook to Destroy Clean Energy.” In this video, they discuss the clean energy revolution and how Ohio lawmakers flipped their positions on an issue they once supported. In 2008, Ohio passed an alternative energy mandate designed to adopt the use of solar and wind energy sources for electricity in the state, which helped create jobs, turn profits, and cut greenhouse gas emissions. Fast forward to 2017, most of those lawmakers who supported the mandate now opposed it. To find out why, the Killing Clean team investigated coal companies, utilities, think tanks, nonprofit foundations, and political action committees that mobilized to rollback clean energy initiatives one state at time.
  • Video (Medium Media): Fusion TV’s The Naked Truth, “Debt Trap.” An inside look of America’s student debt crisis. The investigation discuss the causes including the rise in tuition and government disinvestment as well as the public and private entities that helped cause the problem.
  • Excellence in Financial Journalism Book Award: Jesse Eisinger, “The Chickenshit Club.” Eisinger offers an inside look at the U.S. Justice Department and why, following its prosecution of executives at Enron and WorldCom for financial fraud in the early 2000s, it failed to prosecute executives responsible for the 2008 financial crisis.


2017 EFJ Award Winners

  • Audio: Gimlet Media’s podcast, StartUp, for “Dov Charney’s American Dream,” a seven-part documentary series about the founder and former CEO of American Apparel, Dov Charney, and the rise and fall of his career due to the scandal of sexual harassment allegations and unethical business practices that caused him to be forced out of the company in 2014.
  • Enterprise and Public Service: The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, McClatchy, Miami Herald, and other media partners, for publishing one of the largest journalism investigations in history, “The Panama Papers.”
  • General ReportingKimberly Lankford, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance for, “Making a Plan for a Special-Needs Child.” Lankford comprehensively explains strategies and resources through the experiences of real families with special-needs children.
  • InfographicNicole Bullock and Joanna S. Kao, from Financial Times, examine what Silicon Valleys’ “unicorns” will have to face to go public in “Unicorns face tough road to Wall St.” 
  • Local: Cezary Podkul, Marcelo Rochabrun, and Derek Kravitz from ProPublica, and Will Parker from The Real Deal, for “The Rent Racket.” Podkul and Rochabrun address New York’s real estate industry and the secret deals that undermine legal protections for New York tenants.
  • OpinionRex Nutting, Marketwatch for a series of opinion pieces from his “Money and Power” column, including an analysis on the fall of the American middle class and what contributed to its economic instability.
  • VideoAshlee Vance, from Bloomberg Businessweek, for “Hello World,” a video series focusing on the technology scene around the world. In 2016, Vance visited 10 countries on five continents to find out how inventors, scientists, and technologists from different cultures are shaping the future of technology.
  • Excellence in Financial Journalism Book AwardRobert J. Gordon, “The Rise and Fall of American Growth.” Gordon discusses post-Civil War American between 1870 and 1970, and its economic revolution through the inventions of electric lighting, indoor plumbing, air travel, and medical advances.

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